Introducing the Fair Care campaign

Our care system is broken, at the moment a few large-scale companies, who act as the middle-man in the care system, are profiting from human misery. Both the person providing the care and the person receiving it are losing-out. Why should the middle-man profit from providing mind-numbing care for service users and poverty for staff? There is a better way, a co-operative way:

  • Putting both those receiving care and staff in control together, side-by-side on the Board of the co-operative, allowing them to make decisions as equals.

  • Establishing care co-operatives on a local level so that people from the community can run them as part of the community.

  • Paying staff the living wage so they can afford to live a decent quality of life.

  • Empowering the staff to do what the person being cared for wants doing when they ask for help with something that isn’t on a pre-set task list.

  • Allowing those being cared for to choose when they want to be woken, fed, or put to bed.

Elderly people, and those caring for them, know what help and care needs to be provided. It is time that we released them from the roles of ‘the burden’ and ‘the burdened’. It is time for a system built around people and the abilities people do have whatever their age.   If you want to join the fight to make care fair, then please fill-in the form to sign-up to our mailing list:

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